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IGI Investment Bank launches Fund Select Portal
Karachi, January 20, 2011: IGI Investment Bank Limited has introduced "Fund Select Portal". This is a unique web based portal facilitating both corporate and retail investors with on-line access...
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About IGI

IGI Wealth Management Services is a department of IGI Investment Bank Ltd., focusing on providing world class Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory services to our high net worth individual clients. We bring together almost two decades of Investment Banking experience with over 50 years of market leadership in the Insurance sector, and leverage the IGI Securities and IGI Funds platform to provide the most comprehensive and professional suite of investment services to our clients.

Why You Need Services 

In today’s volatile global market, institutional investors like Banks, Funds and NBFCs reap the benefits of having real time, accurate market and economic data at their disposal, as well as teams of researchers and analysts to provide their views and insight. For individual investors without the benefit of timely advice, prudent analysis and dedicated vigilance, market conditions present a risk of significant loss to their portfolios.
It is essential that your investment decisions are guided by professionals who can offer impartial counsel and are focused on pursuing only those assets that are most beneficial to their clients. At IGI, the only thing that matters to our team is for you to choose your investments wisely and get the best possible return.

Our Wealth Managers and Investment Advisors are dedicated to understanding the unique financial objectives of every client, so that our fund management team can customize every aspect of the portfolio and investment strategy to ensure that it is in sync with your respective financial position and goals. Our in-house system ranks clients based on their risk profile, return expectations, income / liquidity requirements, time horizon and other special circumstances, so that we can create an investment plan specifically designed to achieve your vision of the future.

- Products & Services

IGI Wealth Management manages portfolios for its clients with investments in every asset class, including the following major areas:

Direct Traded Accounts for Stocks, Commodities

Mutual Funds (Open & Close Ended)
Certificates of Investments (COIs) / Certificates of Deposit (CODs)
Government Securities (T-Bills, PIBs, National Savings Certificates)
Corporate Bonds, TFCS (Listed & Un-listed)
Sukuk Bonds (Government & Non-Government)
Child Education Planning
Retirement Planning
Health, Life, Disability Insurance
Travel, Car, General Insurance, Islamic Insurance Products, etc.

Other than managing investments for our clients, we provide facilitation for a number services catering to the special needs of High Net Worth clients, such as:

Secured & Unsecured Loans

At special rates for our Clients, we provide a Personal Loan up to Rs. 500,000 available for your use at any time
We also offer Secured Loans (Margin Financing) on a case-by-case basis
Public & Private Trusts
We help you establish Private Trusts to safeguard the transition of personal assets and property for your family or select beneficiaries
We can create a Public Trust to channel your efforts for Charitable Activities
Tax Advisory
We arrange for qualified Tax Professionals to assist with the filing of your tax returns
Other tax related issues can be handled through the Chartered Accountancy firms on our approved panel

More important than the type of products available is IGI Wealth Management’s commitment to providing responsive service, insightful analysis and winning strategies to best serve our client’s wishes and help them realize their financial goals. We strive to be your partners in growth, and will be unrelenting in our efforts to make your experience with us as beneficial as possible.

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