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IGI Investment Bank launches Fund Select Portal
Karachi, January 20, 2011: IGI Investment Bank Limited has introduced "Fund Select Portal". This is a unique web based portal facilitating both corporate and retail investors with on-line access...
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Company Profile NTN: 0829221-3 / Reg: 0021090
IGI Investment Bank provides a host of specialized products and services designed to meet the financing needs of businesses throughout the country.
Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has awarded IGI Investment Bank’s long-term credit rating of ‘BBB-’ and short-term rating of ‘A3’. With this credibility, IGI Investment Bank today stands as the largest investment bank in Pakistan with a paid-up capital of PKR 2.1 billion, being one of the leading mutual funds distributor, as well as a trusted and credible advisor.

IGI Investment Bank’s nearly two decades of growth and broad market leadership has been fueled by a balanced credit and risk management culture, product and portfolio diversification and specialization, a knowledgeable and experienced corporate management team and a firm focus on meeting clients’ needs.

Multilateral agencies like the International Finance Corporation and the Asian Development Bank have granted long-term credit lines to IGI Investment Bank, confirming the financial strength and reputation of the Bank. IGI Investment Bank was the first investment bank authorized to engage in the business of leasing.

IGI Investment Bank deals with a wide variety of clients, including homeowners, small businesses and many respected multinational corporations.
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