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IGI Investment Bank launches Fund Select Portal
Karachi, January 20, 2011: IGI Investment Bank Limited has introduced "Fund Select Portal". This is a unique web based portal facilitating both corporate and retail investors with on-line access...
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Cash and Treasury Management
IGI Investment Bank’s Treasury primarily acts as an in-house service provider for various lending, borrowing and investment activities undertaken by other departments and branches of the Bank.

Accordingly, the Treasury is constantly engaged in handling the assignments and /or providing services as listed below:

  • Liquidity management with optimum return to the Bank
  • Assisting the Bank's liability marketing team in mobilization of short term and long-term
    deposits through the Bank's Certificate of Deposit Scheme (CODs)
  • Borrowing and Placement of funds from / with other money market participants
  • Trading and Investment in government securities
  • Trading and Investment in TFCs
  • Trading and Investment in Equity Scrips
  • Trading and Investment in Mutual Funds
  • Undertaking other money market activities such as Repo, Reverse Repo transactions against government securities, rated and listed TFCs and blue chip shares
  • Undertaking the above and other miscellaneous trading and investment activities, all aimed at furthering profitability

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