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IGI Investment Bank launches Fund Select Portal
Karachi, January 20, 2011: IGI Investment Bank Limited has introduced "Fund Select Portal". This is a unique web based portal facilitating both corporate and retail investors with on-line access...
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Commercial Financing and Leasing
IGI Investment Bank is a progressive commercial financing company, providing its customers with commercial loan financing as well as leasing products and equipment, and advisory services.
The Bank’s lending, leasing and factoring products include direct lease, sale and leaseback, short term loans, term loans for BMR, acquisition and expansion, and project financing.

Commercial Leasing
IGI Investment Bank offers plant and machinery; equipment and vehicles leasing; and financing plans and services to a cross section of the economy. As one of the leading commercial leasing companies in the country, the Bank offers innovative financing options with outstanding services to its customers.

The main focus is on local companies with sound financial credibility and standing in the market. It also maintains a diversified clientele base with less than 1% infection in portfolio.

Short Term and Long Term Loan Financing
IGI Investment Bank provides a diverse range of loan sizes and financing tools suitable to business applications.

Short Term Loans:
IGI Investment Bank offers 12 months or less, flexible short-term loans facility to its customers. This service is for customers who need immediate working capital or require funds for general use. It is provided against charge on assets, hypothecation on vehicles, equitable / registered mortgage on property etc.

This service can be availed by a customized payment structure to meet desired business needs and fulfill the customer requirements.

Long Term Loans:
IGI Investment Bank offers long-term loans against tangible securities. These loans are commonly set for a span of 5 years. This facility can be availed by established businesses that can leverage sound financial statements and substantial down payments to minimize monthly payments and total loan costs.

The Bank also participates in syndicated loans for project financing or else arranged by Banks, DFI's and NBFC's. Each member Bank provides loan funds according to the contribution shares agreed in the Syndicate Agreement and collect loan principal and interest according to the ratio agreed.

IGI Investment Bank offers a guarantee facility to those businesses, seeking such facility against collateral accepted by us.

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